Energy Solutions

Fully mobile charging stations

Energy Solutions

Fully mobile charging stations

Energy Solutions

Fully mobile charging stations



ELMAS Brașov, a wholly Romanian-owned company, has been active in the field of lifting equipment for over 3 decades and has continuously developed efficient solutions for the current intralogistics.

The products designed and developed by the ELMAS team of specialists benefit from integrated quality and are permanently adapted to customer requirements, for high productivity and efficiency in use.

At present, ELMAS is an important player in the lifting equipment sector, with a domestic sales and service network and subsidiaries abroad.


It is well known and debated today that internal combustion engines generate emissions that are extremely harmful for the environment and health.

At present, renewable energy and electricity in particular seem to be one of the environmentally friendly sources for propulsion engines as well as for operating equipment used for cargo handling and transport.

Companies with large fleets of electric forklift trucks are constantly looking for ways to increase the efficiency and availability of equipment, in order to maintain high productivity.

For these, mobile charging stations for electric forklift trucks can be an optimal and cost-effective solution, adapted to the requirements of each application.

The mobile charging stations for industrial batteries are designed and developed by ELMAS, based on the Hoppecke technology. These mobile stations are manufactured in Romania and are based on metal structure containers with walls made of PIR sandwich panels, allowing their easy transport between locations.

They are designed to operate outside, and their commissioning requires the provision and connection of the necessary utilities, i.e. power supply (400 V), running water pipe and earthing plate.

Each ELMAS mobile charging station for industrial batteries is divided into two distinct areas:
1) the equipment area, intended exclusively for authorized technicians;
2) the battery charging area, intended for end users.

The mobile charging stations for industrial batteries manufactured by ELMAS Brașov can be rented by customers and eliminate the difficulties of obtaining the construction permits required for a conventional location.


The mobile charging stations for industrial batteries are a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly alternative for the efficient management of a company's forklift trucks fleet.

A number of relevant advantages arise from the implementation of such an energy solution:
- low manufacturing costs compared to a fixed (conventional) station built indoors
- production space savings due to the siting outdoors
- automation of the charging process and permanent monitoring of all operating parameters
- high operational reliability and efficiency
- environmental protection
- low servicing costs due to remote monitoring and preventive maintenance
- Bluetooth communication systems with devices fitted on batteries
- sensors for temperature, smoke, hydrogen sulphide, pressure and humidity.

The Hoppecke industrial batteries fitted on Linde electric forklifts, supplied in Romania by Elmas, are equipped with systems for the automatic scanning of the energy storage capacity of the battery, referred to as track | collect. This system scans and monitors the following parameters every 45 minutes or during the charging of the battery: voltage, charging status, charging current and temperature.

All this data is stored for one month in the internal memory of the module installed on each battery. The information is automatically downloaded to the PC of the Elmas mobile battery charging station during each traction battery charging. The mobile station computer is equipped with a Bluetooth module for communication with the track | collect modules of the batteries and with a secure VPN connection module for communication with the Elmas Call Centre. All battery data is automatically downloaded and stored in a MySQL database generated on the Elmas secure servers.

A web application enables easy access for the charging station manufacturer as well as for the end users. This custom application allows access to more information: selecting the battery series (code) and viewing the charging over time, the electrolyte level over a set period, possible premature wear or even the need for urgent interventions (e.g. for battery regeneration).

Thanks to this system of remote monitoring of the parameters of the mobile charging station, the local intervention of the service technician is avoided, the operating state is known in real time, the evolution of the operating parameters is analysed, all leading to a significant extension of the life of the traction batteries charged.



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